1909 - 1927 Ford Model T, TT Service Manual

1909 - 1927 Model Ford Service - Detailed Instructions for Servicing Ford Cars

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This 1909 - 1927 Ford Model T, TT Service Manual licensed Detroit Iron reprint provides the most comprehensive repair information in paper format available on the market. This new print manual is reproduced using the highest quality scanner and digital printer available - shrink wrapped and ready to be shipped to your location. This OEM repair / service manual reproduction provides detailed repair and service procedures for all vehicle subsystems.

The 1909 - 1927 Ford Model T, TT Service Manual is the exact manual originally published by the Car manufacturer to be used by their dealer mechanics. Each manual contains detailed service / repair / rebuild procedures, specifications, diagrams, photos, charts, diagnostic and troubleshooting information for all major subsystem components such as:

  • Foreword
  • Essentials of Good Service
  • Ideal Shop Layout for Average Size Dealer
  • Essential Shop Equipment
  • The Parts Department
  • An Attractive Parts Department
  • Service Follow-up System
  • Disassembling the Car
  • Assembling the Car
  • Complete Engine and Transmission Overhaul
  • Valve Grinding and Carbon Removal
  • Taking up Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Fitting Pistons and Rings
  • Taking up Main Bearings
  • Correcting Noisy Time Gears
  • Installing New Camshaft Bearings
  • Cleaning the Oil Line
  • Stopping Oil Leak at Front End of Crankshaft
  • Installing Transmission Bands (Old Design)
  • Installing Transmission Bands (New Design)
  • Replacing Transmission Clutch Spring
  • Overhauling Rear Axle
  • Stopping Oil Leak at Rear Wheel
  • Changing Rear Radius Rods
  • Changing Rear Spring
  • Front Axle Assembly Overhaul
  • Changing Front Spring
  • Rebushing Springs and Perches
  • Changing Front Radius Rods
  • Changing Front Axle
  • Replacing Front Hub Bearing Cup and Bearing
  • Steering Gear Overhaul
  • Repairing the Radiator
  • Carburetor Overhaul
  • Installing New Bendix Shaft or Spring
  • Generator Overhaul
  • Starting Motor Overhaul
  • Tracing Car Troubles - Engine Fails to Start
  • Misfiring (missing) Caused by Trouble in Ignition System, Valves, or Fuel System
  • Backfiring
  • Engine Knocks
  • Battery CareClutch Troubles
  • Tracing Trouble in the Generator
  • Tracing Trouble in the Starting Motor
  • Tracing Trouble in the Lighting System
  • Tracing Trouble in the Charging Circuit
  • Horn Fails To Sound
  • Battery Care
  • Servicing The Improved Car

NOTE: Specifications at the end of each chapter/group.

OEM Part Number: LT1
Binding: Paperback - 8.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 320 - Hundreds of b&w illustrations
Publisher: Ford Motor Division / Reproduced Under License By Detroit Iron
Paper: 50# Paper Acid & Clorine Free, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified

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