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Detroit Iron Publishing is both a family and veteran-owned company. We're located in Richardson, Texas, and proudly manufacture and print the finest, licensed, reproduction service manuals, parts manuals, and electrical manuals available. We offer top-quality digital versions of our products too. By using industry-leading technology, a firm commitment to detail, and first-class materials, our products are second to none. Detroit Iron Publishing is authorized and licensed by General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Jeep to reproduce these outstanding manuals.


We still believe the customer is always right. This customer-centric belief is the driving force behind everything we do. Here's a short list of our distinguishing customer-focused characteristics:

  • We are friendly.
  • We answer our phones and emails promptly.
  • We offer competitive wholesale pricing to authorized dealers.
  • We process all drop-ship orders same day if received by 2 pm central.
  • We wrap each product with care before shipping.
  • We can include your company-branded packing slips with each order.
  • We can use your shipping account or ours.
  • We process returns quickly and simply.
  • We share our inventory counts via EDI.
  • We can receive orders via EDI.

We're big enough to get the job done, but not so large that customers get lost in the mix. On the contrary, Detroit Iron Publishing is dedicated to providing world-class customer service at all times. We appreciate you visiting our site and we're available to assist you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we'd love to hear from you. Please call or email us and one of our experienced team members will get back to you quickly.


How did it all start? In the winter of 1997, we saw a need to preserve the rapidly disappearing repair and rebuild information available to the do-it-yourself (DIY) mechanic community (concerning these beloved older vehicles). An idea emerged for using an electronic format to maintain information and support antique/classic cars and trucks. It was soon brought to life and we've never looked back. Detroit Iron recognized that the lifeblood of this industry is the younger people who grew up with computers and would welcome the availability of this valuable information in an electronic form.

Our roots may be in digital, but we're thrilled to offer a large (and growing!) line of beautiful print manuals too. Customers already loved our electronic manuals, but in 2015 we listened to them when many expressed desires for print versions. They weren't happy with the low-resolution scans and poor-quality materials (among other issues) which existed on the market. In 2016, Detroit Iron created high-resolution print masters. At that time, we outsourced the printing aspect of production to a local Dallas, TX printer. By 2018, we took full control of the printing process. Detroit Iron now utilizes a first-rate, in-house, digital print shop, including both color and black and white digital presses, binding, cutting, and shrink-wrapping machines. With these superior machines in place, Detroit Iron Publishing handles the entire process. Our coverage continues to expand, but our dedication to excellence remains.

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