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Detroit Iron proudly provides digital product solutions with respect to your access needs for factory antique/classic car and truck manuals. The electronic packaging into pdf shop manuals offers nice advantages over the traditional printed versions. You’ll get all of the benefits of the excellent content contained in these Detroit Iron Shop Manuals, but with the easy portability and small storage options not available with traditional books. Also, you’ll usually find additional manuals and materials have been conveniently packaged together into a digital kit, which makes them even more useful…and a bigger bargain!

Detroit Iron Digital Product History

We’re not new to this industry. Detroit Iron Information Systems was founded in 1997. With a keen eye on the vintage vehicle manual market, we spotted a need to preserve the quickly disappearing information for all of these beloved older cars and trucks. By capturing the material in a digital format, these pdf shop manuals remain available on the market, and at reasonable prices. As the world shifted from paper to computers, Detroit Iron stepped in to make sure these books were included in the switch.

We’re still here to support the industry, from large professional shops all the way down to passionate enthusiasts. We do this by carrying a huge line of PDF shop manuals to help keep your vehicle (and the hobby) alive. Since we love classic cars and trucks, and also the do-it-yourself (DIY) community, we’re thrilled to help keep these vintage machines in action. Our business has always thrived by listening to our customers and that’s how we plan to continue!

Over the years, Detroit Iron has kept up with technology, to make sure our digital products are relevant for the user. The first two versions utilized Paper Port. By the time version 3.0 came around, Portable Document Format (PDF) was the arrangement of choice. We’re excited to continue the PDF use with the latest version, 4.0. Regardless of the tech, Detroit Iron made certain to retain the cool kitting idea of the original versions. You still get the great content in all of the Detroit Iron Shop Manuals digital products, but we’re continuing to enhance the customer experience.

Detroit Iron Digital Product Overview

How do we do it? Detroit Iron has licenses with Chrysler, General Motors and Ford to sell both print and digital productions of their shop manuals, assembly manuals, parts books, owner’s manuals, sales brochures and nostalgia.

What you’ll find with these Detroit Iron digital products is a "kit" which typically includes a full package of Factory Shop Manuals for a specific year, make and model range for one low price. They're handily packaged with items such as: service manuals, supplements (if applicable), body manuals, sales literature, parts catalogs, nostalgia/trivia for the year (including entertainment, news and sports) and sometimes even owner's manuals. None of our competitors package full sets of these manuals into a single SKU for a specific year, make and model.

Detroit Iron Shop Manuals (digital products) contain the original factory shop or service manuals and any applicable supplements. These professional resources cover all mechanical and electrical systems for your classic car or truck. It’s the same information GM, Ford and Chrysler first published for use by the mechanics working at their dealerships when these magnificent cars and trucks rolled off the assembly lines.

In the factory shop manuals, you will typically find such items as: factory-correct specifications, wiring diagrams, diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting information, component installation and removal instructions for the following subsystems:

  • General Information (normally VIN plate encoding is provided in this section)
  • Brakes - (power and standard systems)
  • Steering - (power and standard systems)
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Axles and Drivelines
  • Electrical Systems - (battery, starter, generator, alternator, wiring, ignition)
  • Engine Mechanical
  • Engine Fuel - (carburetors, pumps, lines, etc.)
  • Transmissions - (standard and automatic)
  • Accessories - (power and standard systems)
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Frame
  • Cooling System
  • Instruments and Gauges
  • Lighting System
  • Fuel Tank and Exhaust Systems


All of our pdf shop manual digital products contain body information as well (either contained in the main service manual, or as a separate manual). Parts books are included in most digital kits too. We also offer a nice selection of digital products containing parts books only! The pdf shop manuals are loaded with outstanding information which contain not only step-by-step text instructions, but a huge number and variety of visual aids to assist you all along the way.

All Detroit Iron Service Manuals kits even include a fun section providing cool nostalgic trivia from the year associated with the digital product. The Parts Catalogs (Only) digital products do not include the nostalgia literature section.

There’s no need for you to have an internet connection in order to enjoy the information on these great digital products. Feel free to load and go!

Detroit Iron Shop Manuals digital products run in a web browser which features a virtual bookcase containing a set of PDF manuals, catalogs, brochures and nostalgia for a specific year, make and model on its shelves. The files in these PDF shop manuals are searchable, bookmarked and PRINTABLE! That’s right. Search through the material while sitting in your comfortable chair, and then simply print out the pages you need. Did you get greasy fingerprints on the diagrams? No problem. Print a fresh set next time you need them. By merely clicking on the specific PDF file icon in the bookcase, it will open your favorite PDF reader or browser tab based on your specific browser settings for PDF files and you’re off! The PDF file in the bookcase can be opened in Adobe or any other PDF reader if you have your browser configured this way (or it can open it up within the browser).
Sample Page:
Below:1957 Chevrolet Shop Manual Kit Sample View - Powerglide Oil Circuits
1957 Chevrolet Shop Manual Kit Sample View - Powerglide Oil Circuits

What are the system requirements? Any operating systems which allow user access to the file system, e.g., Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Chromebook, etc. An HTML browser, e.g., Edge, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

As for the information available, presently you’ll discover digital products for General Motors which range in years from 1930 – 1978. With respect to Ford, the coverage spans 1909 – 1989. The scope of Chrysler Corporation products is 1936 – 1981.

Detroit Iron Digital Product Future

Presently, we offer 386 unique digital products on compact disc (CD) and soon we’ll offer all of those same great items on USB. Of course, we plan to add even more handy products to the line too. Of the 386 items, 290 are full service, parts catalog, sales literature and nostalgia kits; 73 are service/repair, sales literature and nostalgia kits and 23 are parts catalog only products.

Detroit Iron Digital Product Distributors

Detroit Iron Publishing loves to work with distributors. Some are full line distributors, such as Troxel Auto Literature and Vintage Auto Garage, while others are specific make distributors like the Ford Galaxie Club of America. We're ALWAYS looking to work with additional distributors. Please email us at: [email protected] to setup an account.

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