Detroit Iron Publishing

Shop Manuals for Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, & Jeep (Licensed Reproductions)


We provide manuals on CD which will work on both PC and MAC operating systems. Detroit Iron Information Systems provides factory service, parts, and electrical manuals on CD for 1979 (1980-1989 available soon) and older GM and 1979 and older Chrysler, Ford, and Jeep cars and trucks. We provide a scanned copy of the original factory manuals in an easy to use CD format. From the CD you can print the section you need, use it and file it for future reference. Detroit Iron is authorized and licensed by Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, and Jeep to reproduce these manuals in Paper, Digital and CD-Rom formats.

Our digital / CD products are PDF based so the manuals are searchable. Simply place the CD in your computer and the program will come up allowing you to choose the manual you want to preview. The majority of our products include parts books and other manuals in addition to the service / repair shop manual. Each product targeted for a year and make include an entire set of manuals for your car or truck.

The digital / CDs will run on Microsoft PCs and MAC systems.

Our paper based shop manuals are high quality copies of the original manuals published by the car makers.